Thursday, September 12, 2013

The First of the 2013 Holiday Toy Lists!

"I don't get it"
Billy: So you got a job, where you play with all these toys.
Josh: Yup!
Billy: And they're gonna pay you for that!
Josh: Yup!

Well, maybe they weren't paid for it, but Walmart has created one of the first 2013 holiday top toys list...with a little help from 1,000 kids.

Walmart has compiled the top 20 toys and has listed them at their website.

At first this seemed like a great idea - until I realized why there are no games on the list. That is when I took a look deeper. Ends up, it is pretty much a great gimmick.

The kids were given the chance to play with only 50 pre-selected toys. All the kids got to do for Walmart was narrow down the list and allow the retailer to market a section of their aisles as "Chosen by Kids".

A couple of questions that I have are - How did Walmart choose their top 50? Did Walmart ask companies to buy space on their list of 50?

Now get a situation where kids are playing with a thousand games and toys and then asked to pick their favorite. I want to see that list. In fact, the Chicago Toy and Game Fair is a place where the first part of this happens, but I don't recall ever seeing a release of the data from their questionnaires.

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  1. Hi Jason,

    Stumbled on this, and thanks for the call out. We have had open voting for the best toy/best game seen at the fair, but we have dropped the ball on reporting for the past several years. If you look at the website (updated in August) under features and events, you'll see we have added "Best in Show" item with a listing of previous years. Voting from the general public on a series of products and brands that they may be seeing for the first time is unfortunately a little complex, and we are working on ways to deliver a faster turnaround on voting results / reporting.