Wednesday, September 4, 2013

King of Tokyo

Designer: Richard Garfield

Publisher: IELLO

Players: 2-6

Ages: 9+

King of Tokyo Rules:

Here is a game where you are not trying to save Tokyo from giant, Godzilla-like creatures - you ARE a giant Godzilla-like creature competing against others to maintain your control/terror over tokyo!

Some of the monsters you get to choose from include Kraken, Alienoid, Gigazaur, and, my favorite, Cyber Bunny.

Surprisingly, there is a considerable amount of strategy involved in winning this game. This is because you can win via 2 different routes: beat the crud out of all the other monsters or strategically gain 20 victory points before any of the other monsters can.

We love this game at the One Zillion Games house. The younger boys almost always choose the beating the crud out of all the other monsters route.

One Zillion Games was provided with a copy of Raccoon Rumpus from Santa Claus.

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