Friday, August 23, 2013

Thrift Store Games - Leverage

Yet again, One Zillion Games takes a look back to the games of yore (or, at the very least, the games of the Breakfast Club-era). One of our favorite games - Can't Stop - is a game that we were lucky enough to discover at a thrift store. Who knows what other treasures are hidden in the mysterious world of thrift stores and garage sales? Let's take a look...


Think Checkers meets Chinese Checkers meets Chess meets a Teeter Totter. Throw all of those in a blender and you wind up with Leverage.

Publisher: Hasbro (1982)

Players: 2

Ages: 10+

Leverage Rules:

Leverage is a prime example of why it is always a good idea to check if all the pieces are in the box before buying from a thrift store or garage sale. Since this game is all about balancing ALL the pieces on a teeter totter, having one missing piece can really decrease the playability of the game. 

The directions seem a little confusing at first, but give it a couple of trial runs before giving up - it is definitely worth it.

There are 2 ways to win:

-You can tip the board towards your opponent so many times that they need to remove all of there white scoring pieces just to balance the board. (We have only had one game of many end this way)

-You can get get all of your remaining pieces into your opponent's safety zone.

The amount of strategy for Leverage is surprising. You want to move your pieces across the board, but that lightens your side. There are plenty of times when an opponent capturing and removing your piece. The different pieces have different powers (The little ones can never be removed from board - the big ones have no capturing ability at all). You can jump your own pieces and in ANY direction you want. Impressed by a triple jump in checkers? Try Leverage where septuple jumps are absolutely possible!

I tend to stray away from the bigger sized box games at the thrift store due to a decreasing amount of game storage, but I am very glad I picked up Leverage.

Red wins!!!!

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