Thursday, August 29, 2013

Raccoon Rumpus

Publisher: Educational Insights

Game Design: Kin Vandenbroucke

Players: 2-4

Age recommendation: 3+

Raccoon Rumpus Rules:

They are not kidding when they recommend this game for ages 3 and up. We had a group ranging from 3 to 39 and we all loved it. The game comes with a set of alternate rules involving memory to engage older players. We have added a few house rules to the game that make this sweet game a wee bit more... cutthroat for all ages

I will start out with the design. It is cute. Plain and simple - cute! Each player gets their raccoon card ( a raccoon in their skivvies) and the head is 3D so that any of the clothes cards can be placed on the raccoon. Before you even get to the official rules, the components alone are a source of play.

The game play is simple - dress your scantily clad raccoon. If you roll a green shirt, pick an outfit card with a green shirt on it. If you roll a red pair of pants, pick an outfit with a red bottom on it. The first player to 5 outfits is the winner. BUT watch out! if you roll undies... you have to go back to your undies. This ends up being one of the most positive reactions I have ever seen to a player rolling a die that puts them in last place.

I mentioned house rules earlier and we have made it so that you can steal (borrow if you want to be more PC) other player's top outfits - but not if it is their only outfit... that would be rude.

Raccoon Rumpus is a small, easy to set up, quick game that is fun for the whole family.

One Zillion Games was provided with a review copy of Raccoon Rumpus from Educational Insights. The fact that a review copy was provided, in no way influences our opinions of the game.

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