Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Over and Out

Publisher: Jax LTD
Players: 2-8

Ages: 7+

Over and Out Rules: http://www.jaxgames.com/overAndOut2.htm

Over and out is a fun, quick paced card game where all the players want to avoid going over the Tip Top number. 

Each player takes a turn playing a card from their hand and adding (or subtracting or multiplying) to the total for the whole group.  You can play any card you want - as long as it does not put the total over the set limit.  If you play a card that goes over, the round is over and you lose one of your four chips (the less chips you have, the less cards you get in your hand).

The main requirement to play is the ability to add numbers 0,1,2,3,4,5 and 10 to an existing number.  There are two special mathematics cards that increase the skill level: -10 and x2. With the mathematics cards, their are also cards that will reverse the direction of play, set the total to the Tip Top number, or even change the Tip Top number.

We liked this game (hooray for math!).  The game play can go as quick or as slow as you need it to for player abilities (but if it goes too slow, all the players playing might forget what the total was - true story).  We also liked the changing of the Tip Top cards (22, 33, 44, 55, or 66) just to change up the game - keep you on your toes. 

We found the losing of chips = losing of a card from your hands to be a little rough. Once you were down to 1 or 2 cards, you were really out of a lot of options and hoping things went your way.

We would recommend Over and Out for any families looking for a quick game that sneaks math into their day or to any classrooms working on addition skills.

OZG Kids' Score: 8 points

OZG Grown-ups' Score: 8 points - This will go in our "Games to take with us" group of games when we grab games to take on vacation or share at other people's houses.  The rules are simple enough to learn quickly and the game is fun.

One Zillion Games was provided with a review copy of Over and Out. The fact that a sample copy was provided, in no way influences our opinions of the game.


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