Monday, June 24, 2013

Dr. Toy's Best Vacation Toys 2013

The toy reviewing website, Dr. Toy, has come out with their Best Vacation Toys list for 2013. I am
very pleased to see a gob ton of board games on the list of 50!

Flash 7-12 yrs Blue Orange
Nada 7-12 yrs Blue Orange
Ooga Booga 7-12 yrs Blue Orange
Monster Café 8-12 yrs Gamewright
Rory's Story 9-12 yrs Gamewright
That's It! 12 yrs Gamewright
Rainbows and Storms 5-12 yrs Griddly Games
Clubs 8-12 yrs North Star Games
Brainstring Advance 7-12 yrs Recent Toys
Gear Ball 7-12 yrs Recent Toys
Nuggets 8-12 yrs Strikerz Gamez
Po-Rum-Bo 8-12 yrs X Plus Products 

Here pictures of some of the games on the list:

And here is one on the list that piques my interest; Rainbows and Storms by Griddly Games. Not just a game, but a game design kit.

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