Saturday, January 26, 2013

Jukem Football

Publisher: Flying Pig Games (2009)

Game Design: Jeff Spelman

Players: 2-4

Age recommendation: 8+

Jukem Football Rules:

"I love this game!"
-My 7 year old son upon scoring a touchdown.

As a parent, I endorse any game that garners that much excitement after MATH was involved.

Jukem is a football (American football - sorry rest of the world) card game with a singular shared goal with it's inspiration: score more points than your opponent through touchdowns and field goals.

100 yards. That is your goal. If you can create a drive using your cards that equals exactly 100 yards, you get a touchdown (with assumed success at your extra point) for 7 points.If you your drive is 70 yards or longer and the half is coming (draw pile is low) you can always play a field goal card if you have one for 3 points.

Wait. But how do you get 100 yards? On your turn, you can make a play by laying down the cards that correspond to a run, or a pass. Each run card has a yardage amount on them to get you closer to 100.  Passes have an extra step - you have to catch them (of course). Pass cards do not have a single yardage, but a range. The Catch card that you play is like the Run card; it has a yardage amount. The Catch yardage need to fit in the range of the Pass card.

this drive has a 20 yard run, a 10 yard catch, and a 30 yard run for 60 yards
If you want to make that 10 yard catch pictured above, you need to make a 5-20 yard pass.


Unlike real football, your opponent is creating their own drive at the same time you are. The 2 are unrelated. Their is a small defensive side to game play in the way of Blitz, Pick, Fumble, and Penalty card which can negate your opponents last play - or even wipe out their entire drive.

This is actually the only are where I would suggest a change in the game. In the spirit of math (yay!) I would suggest that the penalty cards actually created a negative yardage to add that tiny extra level to the arithmetic - much like the single Jukem card in the deck that is a x2 multiplier to and Pass or Run play.

We haven't had the chance to play 4 player team play, but rules are included with the game.

Like I stated at the beginning, my son loves this game. It could be because he has a 90-ish% win rate, but I don't mind because math!

One Zillion Games was provided with a review copy of Jukem Football from Flying Pig Games. The fact that a review copy was provided, in no way influences our opinions of the game.

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  1. Thank you so much for playing, loving and sharing feedback for our game! We are a small company and this game is Made in the USA. Your enthusiastic review and support of our efforts is gratefully appreciated as we work to get the word out about Jukem! Have fun!

    Jeff and Michelle Spelman
    Inventors of Jukem Football card game