Thursday, September 13, 2012

Toys "R" Us wants to be your Christmas hero!

Toys "R" Us wants to be your Christmas hero!

Alternate Title:

Toys "R" Us will keep you from having to knock over little old ladies for the last Cabbage Patch Doll!

Every year, There are hot toys and every year it seems that there are supply issues with those hot toys. This year, Toys "R" Us is doing something about it, gosh darnit!

With their release of this year's Holiday Hot Toys list, Toys "R" Us promises you will get them in time for Christmas without knocking over little old ladies, or camping outside of Walmart and running in every time a truck pulls into the dock. The press release mentions something about the number 50. I am not sure if 50 items are on the list or if only 50 of the items on the list are available for reservation.

Here is how it works:

  • Toys "R" Us posts their Holiday Hot List here 
  • You go into a Toys "R" Us store  BY OCTOBER 31, 2012
  • Put 20% down
  • Your item will be ready for pick up BY DECEMBER 16, 2012
This will help cut out those frantic toys your kids just MUST have (as long as they are on this list). It will also put a damper on the Amazon resellers that people always seem to be up in arms about. I remember $50 Zhu Zhu pets a few years back, $1000 Wii systems a little further back, and violently acquired Cabbage Patch Dolls from the 1980s.

My question

How do they do it? If a toy is actually "hot" as they say, how will Toys "R" Us be the one store that promises to have it? I hope it is as simple as if ordered early enough (Oct 31) they can meet the demand.

I REALLY hope they did NOT create their list like this:

Toys "R" Us Exec - Hey, brand X, we REALLY like your toy!

Brand X Exec - Thanks a lot! Are you putting it on your Hot Toys List?

Toys "R" Us Exec  - ONLY if you promise to supply us with the quantity we need before you send any to Walmart.

Brand X Exec - Okee Dokie!

But hey! Let's stop being cynical and assume it has nothing to do with exclusivity. I choose to believe it has everything to do with Toys "R" Us wanting to be protect little old ladies and your kids' Christmas lists.

There had better be at least one game on that list, by the way!

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