Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Dr Toy 100 Best Toys for 2012 - Top 10 Games

Dr. Toy (Stevanne Auerbach, Ph.D.) has chosen the best 100 toys for 2012.

A few of the many standards for choosing the toys on the list include the following:
  • Is this product worth the price? 
  • Does it have lasting "play value"? 
  • Is it age-appropriate? 
  • Is it fun? 
  • Does it meet safety standards?
But this is One Zillion Games, so let's get to the meat of the list!

Here are Dr. Toy's top 10 games for 2012.

Game Ages Game Publisher
Bag-O-Loot Junior 6y - 12y Bag-O-Loot
That's Baloney Games 8y - 12y Edupress
Baffle! 8y - 12y Flying Rabbit Enterprises, Inc.
The Big Fat Tomato Game 10y - 12y Gamewright
Talat 8y - 12y Hutter Trade GmbH & Co KG / HUCH! & friends
Flash Point: Fire Rescue 8y - 12y Lone Oak Games dba Indie Boards and Cards
You're Invited Game (Clifford the Big Red Dog) 3y - 12y Patch Products
STRIKERZ Soccer Card Game 7y - 12y Strikerz Gamez
ROLLICK! 10y - 12y The Game Chef
Distraction 8y - 12y ThinkFun, Inc.

To see the full list of 100, click here.

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