Wednesday, August 22, 2012

FURT - A Befuzzling Eruption of Laughter

Publisher: Wiggity Bang Games 
Designers: Jean and Matthew Rivaldi
Players: 3-8
Ages: 13+

FURT Rules:

Wacky! Random! Silly! Sometimes absurd. Did I mention silly? Fun!

There are entire shelves of "party games" at the store. I think that most of them might refer only to the number of players. This is one of the party games that refers to the mood of the game.

The Volcano Has Spoken - For this challenge, you simply announce what the wisdom of the volcano and follow its demand for how to move your pawn. For example: It might tell you (and the rest of the players) that you have hairy armpits and demand that you move one space back.

Straight Faced - It's like a round of "Baby, I love You But I just Can't Smile" on steroids. Instead of repeatedly demanding that "if you loved me, you'd smile" you yell words like "bulbous", "nincompoop", or "sippy cup"

Guess What?  - This is the Charades/Pictionary/Password challenge.  But you are pulling from the same source of words that you were using for the Straight Faced challenge, so have fun acting out "nincompoop".

Truth or Fiction - The card gives you a prompt and you finish the sentence "In my bathroom you can always find..." It is up to the other players to vote on whether or not you are telling the truth.  The more people that guess wrong, the more spaces you get to move.

You Are? - Get your improv skills on. For one minute you need to act out what the card says. And guess what? part of that involves some of the silly words from the volcano. I was the Queen of England  (not even close to the first time I have pretended to be the Queen of England) and I was wearing an eye booger hat.

What The?! - This is a Quao-esque challenge. You have a secret task. If you can get another player to do what it says on the card, you get to move ahead. Maybe you need to pretend you are feeling sick and if you can get someone to get you a bucket, you are a success (in the game; there are no guarantees for life).
How do you win FURT? Be the first one to throw yourself in the volcano and survive a Straight Faced gauntlet of course! Think "Joe Versus the Volcano", only with less Tom Hanks and MUCH, MUCH  funnier (and you won't feel like you wasted 102 minutes of your life afterwords).

There is a warning on the bottom of the FURT rules which states "If you do not like to laugh or do not have a sense of humor, we suggest you do NOT play FURT and instead go hide in a corner and weep." They make a very valid point here (hidden underneath the immense snark) - If you try to play this game with someone that doesn't enjoy partaking in the occasional non-sense or would find offense with  FURT's warning, they will not enjoy themselves. You know your friends well enough to know which one I am referring to.

One of the things I appreciate about this game is the rules themselves. It is one of the few times I have ever seen the directions give a specific suggestion on how to LEARN to play and not just the game rules.

Even though some of the behavior of players resembles that of an 8 year old, the suggested age of 13+ seems pretty accurate. Between the genuine challenge in acting out words like "voodoo doll" and some of the higher-level immaturity (i.e. "booby"), I think you would want to stick to tweens at the earliest.  Next month there is a 14 year old girl's birthday, slumber party and the One Zillion Games copy of FURT has already been requested/reserved for the event.

One Zillion Games was provided with a review copy of Furt. The fact that a sample copy was provided, in no way influences our opinion of the game.

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