Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Big Little Games

Publisher: Patch Products
Players: 1+
Ages: 3+

There are 3 titles in the Big Little Games line of games:
Flingin' Frogs
Spurtle Turtle
Super Shooter Basketball



First I will talk about the Big Little Games as a group. Each of these 3 games are little and they pack nicely in their sturdy cardboard boxes. I mention "sturdy" as a way to imply that the boxes are very reusable as storage containers.

Assembly for each of the games is minimal and could easily be done by my 7 year old without any assistance.

All 3 of the games are also games the you could play by yourself or with others.  I feel that this flexibility is a huge draw.

Yet another draw to the Big Little Games is their price. The suggested retail price for each is only $9.99.


The nesting lilly pads each have a point value for you to fling your frogs into. The higher up and tinier the lilly pad (or flower) is, the more points it is worth. The plastic frogs are easy to flip with a single finger and you can get quite a distance if you work it just right.


This is your basic catapult-action basketball shooter. Play this one against a wall or you may need to warn passer-bys. I like the trial and error of this game. Too short? Move closer.


This one was my son's favorite:
- He got to put all the stickers on
- He is better at matching games than I am
- Spurtle Turtle shoots the discs out REALLY far if you slam down on his button

The Big Little Games line of games are simple, inexpensive, durable, and ready to go in a pinch. I would recommend them for your 4-9 year old or as a great gift on your way to a birthday party.

One Zillion Games was provided with review copies of each of the Big Little Games. The fact that  sample copies were provided, in no way influences our opinions of the games.

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