Saturday, June 16, 2012

Befuzzled - Think Fast, Act Quicker!

Publisher: FunQ
Designers: Jeanine and Daniel Calken

Players: 3-8

Ages:  7+

Befuzzled Rules: N/A

Befuzzled is a fast acting matching game along the same frantic, silliness as Snorta! Befuzzled even has the act of barking and quacking. But it doesn't stop at animal noises. There are many silly activities that players need to race to be the first to accomplish: Cry like a baby, snap, make binoculars, make bunny ears, etc.  On a side note, the make bunny ears cards caused quite the debate at the One Zillion Games table. The picture shows the person making bunny ears on himself, but come on, who ever makes bunny ears for themselves?

Each action is associated with a shape (shape association changes after every round to keep things fresh) and each turn, the judge flips over a shape that will match one of the actions. Let's say the triangle is on "Bark like a dog", the circle is on "Say Arrr", and the plus sign is on "Cover your eyes".

The judge flips over a shape and it is...the circle!

The first of the other players to say "Arrrrrrrrrr" is the winner and collects that card to count as a point. (On another side note, do you know what a pirate's favorite fast food restaurant is? Arrrrrr-bys!)

Picture from the Fun Q Games website
It really is that simple.

You can explain the rules and a couple of minutes later the room will be filled with people raising their arms, covering their eyes, and quacking.

This is a great starter game for any game night because it will loosen the mood and get the night started quickly and quirkily.

As is, the 7+ age recommendation seams pretty accurate.  Players need to be able to read and they need to be able to read quickly. The beauty is, Befuzzled is easily adaptable. Customize your own cards.  For lower level readers, put solid colored cards under the shapes, or pictures of animals, or very simple words that you know your little ones can handle. Don't want to make new cards? Pare the existing cards down. Instead of having 8 shapes and actions to have to  quickly scan, start out with only 2. If your little one only has Quack and Bark to choose from, they have a much better chance for success.

We have made a few modifications, but more along the lines of an expansion pack. "Say Hulk Smash" and "Scream Howdy" are among our favorites. Note: nowhere in the rules does it demand that Howdy be screamed with a southern drawl, but it is expected.

And look at that, kids having fun while using reasoning skills (without even knowing they're exercising their brain). Awesome!

OZG Grown-Up score: 9 points

OZG Kids' score: 10 points

One Zillion Games was provided with a demo copy of Befuzzled. The fact that a sample copy was provided, in no way influences our opinions of the game.

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