Thursday, September 15, 2011

What to do with your old games?

Now, I am not one to throw away a game, so what happens when you have a game so loved it is not playable any more? Say you've lost all of your rooks, or your Settlers of Catan Tiles have had one too many sodas spilled on them, or your Monopoly money has all been eaten by the neighbor's goat. It doesn't matter how, but when you buy a replacement game, you are left with the unplayable remains of the original.

You'd think Photoshopping a goat eating Monopoly money would be easy.
Photoshopping - yes, Photoshopping well - no.

Here are a few ideas.

Cannibalism -
Steal any usable pieces to use in another game you might be able to use them in. Everyone loves being the race car in Monopoly. Why not be the Monopoly race car in Pay Day?

Be Crafty -
There are a lot of craft ideas out there.  Here are just a few:

Game Board Coasters from Lindsey Turner
I love these. Now if I only had a fancy enough table to use coasters.

Board Game Box from Ready Made
I actually made one of these last year for a Christmas present.  It is currently being used to house a dice collection.

Stratego Earrings form deastar on etsy
I have seen a lot of game piece jewelry at craft shows, mostly Scrabble pendants and earring, but who wouldn't want a pair of Statego bomb earrings?

Recycle -
Sure, you could throw the board in your paper recycling bin, but what about the plastic bits?  I know my town only has the capabilities for recycling plastic bottles.

The Great Games Trade-in

Hasbro has teamed up with Recyclebank for the rest of September to send in your old games to be recycled.

"Board games come with lots of different pieces and parts. Recyclebank has partnered with a Materials Recovery Facility to ensure that everything we receive will be disposed of in a professional manner by qualified personnel trained and skilled in the performance of the specific services involved and in accordance with applicable industry standards. If it’s recyclable, we’ll do right by it."

They will recycle all the parts possible as well as provide you with a pre-paid shipping label. On top of the satisfaction of going green, by sending in your games, you earn points that can be redeemed for coupons to save money on new games and other products.

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