Friday, September 23, 2011

Toys R Us Fabulous 15 List for Holiday Shopping

Toys R Us has released it annual top toys list.

Unfortunately for the games part of One Zillion family, there are no games on the list (although, there are some handheld electronic, Wii, and virtual world games).

There is one game on there runners-up list.

In case you are keeping tally, 2010's list had four games on it.

Needs more games!!

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  1. The toys seem to be on the young side this year. Lots of little kid stuff, not so much for tweens and older. But, for all my toys and shopping for Christmas, I am using ShopAdvisor to keep track of everything. If the price goes down on any items anywhere online, ShopAdvisor sends me an alert. Already got 5 or 6 alerts on this Toys R Us list.