Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Ducky Momo Plush from Disney's Phineas and Ferb

I made a Ducky Momo Plush in the past for my niece and kids, and now have had the chance to make a couple more:

I have this image of Ducky Momo armies for Dr. Doofenscmirtz.

I am thinking of continuing the trend this year for Christmas of making obscure Phineas and Ferb Toys.

our obscure Phineas and Ferb toy collection

Right now I am leaning towards SeƱor Frowg or going "inspired by" and doing a plush Perry Momo (blue fur, beaver tail, a few strands of yarn instead of the crown).

What do you think?

Here they are at easy!


  1. AHHHHHHHHHHHHH Ducky Momo!!!!!!!!!! I want one!

  2. could i possibly seriously by a ducky momo from you? no joke

  3. Can i buy one off you???????????
    I'm willing to pay 30 dollar
    up to 50 dollars.

  4. 10 facts about you:

    1.You are reading this comment

    2.You are realizing that this is a stupid fact

    4.You didn't notice that i skipped three.5 your checking now

    6.Your smilling

    7.You are still reading my comment

    9.You didn't realize i skipped eight

    10.You're checking again and smilling about ho you fell for it again

    11.You're enjoying this 12. You didn't realize there are only supposed to be ten this to one video and tomorow will be the best day ever

  5. Are you selling them?

  6. r u selling ducky momos online???????

  7. are you selling?? I WANT ONE!!! SO FREAKIN CUTE!!!! ^^~ ♥♥

  8. OMG PLEASE MAKE ME A 12 or 11inch tall DUCKY MOMO!!! PLEASSSEEEE =( or at least send me a email of the pattern refrence that you created and used!!!

  9. i want a ducky momo :D !!!!!!!

  10. If you would sell them my 3 yr old would be forever grateful :) pleeeease?

  11. I'm currently making my own Ducky Momo plush. Here's a WIP pic:

  12. can I pay you to make me a Ducky Momo or can the steps so I can make my own? Like i'm soooo serious! I NEED ONE!!!!