Thursday, August 25, 2011

Don't Cook Your Goose

Publisher: Schaper Toys (1970)

Players: 2-4

Ages: 5+

Don't Cook Your Goose Rules:


Don't Cook Your Goose was a great thrift store find.

The novelty of the game pieces alone is what made me decide to shell out $1 for the game.  It consists of a plastic cooking pot (with a hole in the bottom), a spinner, and a gaggle of different colored plastic geese (geese meeples? gooseeples? geeples?).

The point of the game? Balance.  Players take turns balancing different geese in different locations of the Don't Cook Your Goose lid - all while hoping the lid doesn't tip and...well...cook your geese.

This is a great, quick, and silly game with intrigue, danger and foie gras. When you start getting a lot geese piled up on the lid you really get that scared feeling often found in dramatic balance games like Chairs, Jenga, or Topple.

Here is a short video I found on You Tube that does a great job of showing the game play:

A general warning - this game is not for those kids (or adults) that are still learning sportsmanship. It is INFURIATING to cook your geese and I have had to collect geese that have flown (not by their own volition) throughout the living room.

OZG Kids' score: 8 points

OZG Grown-up's score: 9 points

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