Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Go Fish for Ancient Egypt

Publisher: Birdcage Press

Players: 2-3

Ages: 8+

Go Fish for Ancient Egypt Rules: General Go-Fish rules- http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Go_Fish

In continuation of our previous Egyptian-themed review, we played Go Fish for Ancient Egypt.

Now, we aren't going to do much review on the Go Fish aspect of the game (always a good,solid, go-to card game for a fun, quick play with the kids), but there are some features that I like about the Birdcage press cards for game-play.

There are 6 categories (Gods, Goddesses, Symbols, Mummies, Pharoahs,and Afterlife) that you "go fish" for to create groups with. For the non-reading players, each of the groups is assigned a number (1-6). For the reading players, there are tidbits of information about each picture in the category, as well as a list of the other cards in the same category - So you can play on multiple difficulty levels by asking "Do you have a 2?" or "Do you have a Mummies card?" or "Do you have the Canopic Jars card?"

Speaking of canopic jars, did you know that canopic jars hold the organs that are removed during the mummification process? The booklet, written by Wenda O'Reilly, Ph.D., has information that goes along with the cards, just like this canopic jar nugget. The next time you are reading Skippyjon Jones in Mummy Trouble, look for the canopic jars.

A bit more fascinating info about canopic jars: each jar held a specific organ.
  • baboon-head - lungs
  • human-head - liver
  • Jackal-head - stomach
  • falcon-head - intestines

We liked this set of cards and the booklet that came with them.  They have cool pictures and are interesting enough to teach the kids things - like my son's favorite card, the Cat Mummy. If your family enjoys a friendly game of Go Fish and you wouldn't mind having the kids learn something along the way, Go Fish for Ancient Egypt is for you.

OZG Kids' Score: 9 points

OZG Grown-ups' Score: 9 points

One Zillion Games was provided with a review copy of Go Fish for Ancient Egypt. The fact that a sample copy was provided, in no way influences our opinions of the game.

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