Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Brainstring Advanced

Manufacturer: Recent Toys

Our Brainstring Advanved after 15 minutes with a 5 year old
Players: 1
Ages: 7+

Brainstring Advanced Rules: http://www.recenttoys.com/fileadmin/user_upload/handleiding-producten/instrAdv01-EN.jpg

There are many things that appeal to the One Zillion Games family about the Brainstring advanced; it is colorful, it is fun to be able to manhandle the elastic knobs, it is cool to see the mangled knot tucked inside the clear case.

I presented the already tangled Brainstring (I should have taken a picture before hand) to my 5 year old son and he loved it.  Sure, he was not able to complete the puzzle, but we were able to set smaller gaols that he could succeed at.  We called it "Step 1."

Step 1 is an introduction to the puzzle.  Simply get the color groups back into positions across from one another.  He had fun with this.  It was still a little difficult to provide a challenge, but not so hard that he got frustrated and pitched it across the room.

Our "Step 2" of actually completing the puzzle by removing the knot was undertaken by my 8 year old daughter. She almost got it. That is both the cool and infuriating thing about the Brainstring; you can see the knot; you can see which cord needs to be moved; it's getting it moved the right way that's the rub.

She got to a point of knot dis-assembly where a few of the elastic cords became pretty taught and asked for some help.

Like I mentioned earlier, some people might just find it frustrating.  My adult neighbor, in fact, wouldn't play with the Brainstring.  She said something about it being "a physical manifestation of the metaphor that is her tangled life". So, I sent it home with her 12 year old daughter that was fascinated by it.  In hindsight, I should have given it to her after dinner so she could have focused on eating.

The Brainstring Advanced is a great puzzle game that doesn't have the stigma that the Rubik's Cube has about being solved.  Some people look at the Rubik's Cube and think "Oh, I could never solve the Rubik's Cube." The Brainstring Advanced is more welcoming (to everyone but my neighbor); people look at the knot in the middle and think "Oh, I can untangle that."

OZG Grown-Ups: 9 points

OZG Kids: 8 points

One Zillion Games was provided with a review Brainstring Advanced. The fact that a sample was provided, in no way influences our opinions of the game.


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  1. Awesome puzzle and brain stimulator!!!

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