Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Guilty Party (Wii)

By Disney Interactive Studios and Wideload Games

Players: 1-4

Ages: ESRB Rating E = 6+

Guilty Party Reules:

I know what you are thinking - "I thought this was a table game site" - And you would be right, but that is exactly why I felt the need to review a video game pegged by many as "a virtual board game", "a bit like a board game", and "Disney's Wii board game" for our site.

Why all the board game references?
  • Board-like movement from room to room
  • Action tokens
  • Cards
  • Established player turns
The levels are referred to in-game as "episodes" and it definitely has that Disney show kind of feel; from the humor (I found myself laughing out loud at the cut scenes) to the theme song (very witty and catchy; written by Michael Salvatori, sang by Amy Warren) and voice acting (Craig Brolley, Tim Dadabo, Ilyssa Fradin, Donna Jay Fulks, John Hoogenakker, Elizabeth Ledo, Amanda McKnight, and Amy Warren).

Scree shot - cut scene
After a quick tutorial to search for the party guilty of eating the Commodore's pudding the main story centers around a family detective agency led by the Commodore and his wife's kidnapping.  Who is to blame? Well we know that is Mr. Valentine, the Commodore's arch nemesis, and the "Shakespeare of crime". But who has helped and where is she now? Don't tell me...we are still investigating.

Screen shot - actual game play

As you move from room to room, you collect evidence and interrogate suspects for clues. These pieces of evidence are earned through mini-games such as tickling it out of people, bribing people, having staring contests, and even picking locks (with increasing difficulty).  Each time you finish an episode, the mini-games become available for playing in the main menu.

Screen shot - actual game play
Once you collect clues, you can check your notebook to compare suspects with the clues in order to ACCUSE someone. There are four physical features which will always have related clues (I appreciate the "thin" or "round" choices as a non-thin person).

We played as a team to collect clues and solve mysteries and really had a lot of fun as a team of four.  The game also has a competitive mode where you actually take turns making a set amount of moves each trying to solve the mystery, as well as a party mode.

OZG Kids' score: 9 points - Immediately after waking up the morning after playing the game once the night before, my daughter was heard saying "grumble grumble - can we play Guilty Party before school? - grumble grumble."

OZG Grown-ups' score: 8 points

This is definitely a game you can play as a whole family and have all the members enjoy it - table game or not.

One Zillion Games received a copy of Guilty Party for review.  The fact that a review copy was provided, in no way influences our opinions of the game.

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