Thursday, September 2, 2010

Can't Stop

Designer: Sid Sackson

Publisher: Parker Brothers (1980) and Face 2 Face Games (2007)

Players: 2-4

Ages: 10+ (according to the box, but I would go as low as you could where the child could add the numbers 1-6 together)

Can't Stop Rules:

We found this copy at a thrift store; it very well could have been the best $1 we have spent. 

There are a few things we like about this game:
  • Durability - short of stepping on it, the game board and pieces are sturdy
  • Educational Value - If there is one thing we like as much as science in the One Zillion Games house, it's MATH!  Can't Stop has addition (and not just any addition - quick addition), multiple permutations, and probability.
  • Fun - We love it.  The "gamble" of seeing how far you can risk it before it all comes crumbling down, rivals Pass the Pigs and Farkle.
Can't Stop is simple; you roll four dice and then make a decision about how you would like to split the dice into two pairs.  Here is an example roll:

With the above roll you can choose (1+3=4 and 4+5=9) OR (1+4=5 and 3+5=8) OR (1+5=6 and 3+4=7).

But which to choose? the 4 column is short while the 7 column is long, BUT probability-wise, a 7 will be rolled more often. There is no right answer, only personal preference (I always go for the allure of the shortest paths).

I really like the educational value of the math provided in playing this game. Playing this game reinforces quick addition of the two dice.  I am a firm believer that dice games imprint group recognition in our brains.  My theory: you throw a group of 5 M&M's on the table and the adult that played more dice games as a child will more quickly recognize the number as 5. Of course this only works for numbers less than 7, but that's something. I'm going to research that some day - I'll let you know how it goes.

If you are willing (and have the patience) to use this as an light addition training/practice tool for kids, I would highly recommend it.

If you are looking for a quick game that has minor set-up and is fun, I would highly recommend it.

OZG Grown-ups' Score: 10 points - just writing this review makes me want to play it right now!

OZG Kids' Score: 8 points

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