Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Animal Planet Cahootie

Made by: Cahootie LLC

Players: 1+

Ages: 6-12

Cahootie Rules:

The One Zillion Games family reviewed the original Cahootie last November:

Cahootie is a colorful, durable, re-usable fortune teller/cootie catcher/scrunchie/chatterbox. The Cahootie that we were sent to review had a sports theme, and they have 10 other themes available(from Best friends to wishes and dreams).

It comes with a set of re-usable stickers that are the "fortunes". They are actually a mixture of fortunes, trivia, and "getting to know you" questions.

One suggestion I would make would be to include some blank sticker sheets for kids to further customize. 

We have now had the chance to review one of their new themes, the Animal Planet Cahooties.  There are four designs (Dogs Rule, Cats Rule, Sea Creatures, and Endangered Creatures) from Animal Planet.

The pictures are great and the themes are fun.  The kids love nature and the manual action of opening and closing the fortune teller is somewhat hypnotizing for them.  My son is in the process of learning to read and enjoyed spelling things out as he flipped (slowly).

As a parent, I especially enjoy the nature trivia (ex. Which sea-faring animal is the largest on the planet?). I also like the fact that they are not likely to destroy their fairly sturdy Cahootie fortune teller when they sit on it.

My main two disappointments are that I still believe that they should provide a blank set of sticker sheets, and that the dog and cat Cahooties are mainly geared towards dog and cat owners. We don't have a dog. My son loves dogs and says he is going to have a dog when he grows up, so we were excited about the Dogs Rule Cahootie.  While there are stickers that work (ex. What is your TV show or movie about dogs?) others just don't (ex. What is your dog's best trick?).  But, maybe it's just the One Zillion Games family that houses a dog-lover with no dog.

Dog or no dog, the kids still loved them.

My daughter's score: thumb up

My son's score: thumb up

One Zillion Games was provided with review copies of Animal Planet Cahooties. The fact that sample copies were provided, in no way influences our opinions of the game.

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