Monday, November 30, 2009

Hands Up!

Publisher: FoxMind
Game Design: Inon Kohn

Players: 2-6

Age recommendation: 7+

Hands Up! Rules: Contact Foxmind customer service

Hands Up! is a game where all players are creating (one flip at a time) a chance to catch theives stealing your diamonds.

There are three things you need to catch a theif: The theif, the jewels, and fingerprints. When you see the necessary ingredients to a thef incident (and the right conditions) you need to be the first to snatch the diamond from the middle of the table.

It isn't enough to have all three parts, they need to fit in one of many number and/or color schema.

There is a lot of quick thinking required in this game. We played both 3-player and 2-player and the game play was about the same. My eight year old daughter said at the end “I’m not very good at this game.” We then pointed out that she was only two points behind (when using one of the suggested variations). Give her a few more times and I am sure she will be beating me.

I would recommend this game to any family of gamers and to any teachers to help teach pattern recognition. Suggestion: play the first couple games slow. We stopped between flips and asked our daughter what possible cards would work to create a theft incident. This helped a lot.

My daughter’s score: 2 thumbs up

My score: 10 points – the ONLY thing I would change about this is the card shape. While novel, it makes for awkward shuffling (but not awkward enough to knock off any points!)

One Zillion Games was provided with a review copy of Hands Up! from FoxMind. The fact that a review copy was provided, in no way influences our opinions of the game.

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