Sunday, November 8, 2009

FitDeck Junior

Created by: Phil Black, FitDeck, Inc

FitDeck Junior is a set of 45 exercise cards and 5 special action cards. Each exercise card displays the name of the exercise, a diagram and description of how the exercise is to be completed, and how long or how many reps of each exercise should be completed depending on skill level.

If someone said to me "Hey, let's play a game where we take turns doing the exercise that is on the card," I would probably pass.

My kids, however, are all over it. Maybe it's the fun of not knowing what they will have to do next. Maybe it's the one-up-manship involved in being able to do more reps than the other. Maybe they just like to move it (move it).

The deck comes with a set of suggestions on ways to use the deck other then just flipping a card over and doing the exercise (i.e. obstacle course, scavenger hunt, relay race).

One thing I found off-putting that my kids found cool were the 5 special action cards (i.e. skip next card, repeat last card, double next card). Maybe I'm just being too sensitive. I want my kids to be healthy. I want my kids to be active. I want my kids to like exercising. I don't want to present exercise as "punishment". I think the One Zillion Books house won't use these cards in our deck for casual play.

There are many FitDecks and boosters available for adults, but I would need to work up to those since I find some of the junior exercises challenging (and sometimes awkward) enough.

If it takes my kids laughing at me because of my silly version of a donkey kick to have some family workout time, I will donkey kick until the cows come home.

My daughter's score: thumb up

My son's score: thumb up

My score: 7 points


Congratulation to Kathy H from Philadelphia

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