Monday, October 12, 2009


Designer: Arne Lauwers
Illustrators: Eugene and Louise
Publisher: Hasbro / Parker Brothers (2007)

Players: 2-7

Age Recommended: 6+

Pictureka! Rules:

You have to love a game where it is written in the rules that you have to yell!

Hasbro has provided us with a review copy of Pictureka! to test and review for One Zillion Books.

We dug this game as a whole family. My 4 year old son and my 7 year old daughter played as a team.

There are nine double-sided tiles to the board that you place in a 3 x 3 grid. The randomness of sides and order of the tiles allow for replay-ability. The pictures may stay the same, or similar, but at least they move around to create a change and prevent memorization. I don't know how many different pictures there are in any given playing board (900-1000?). Not only can each initial setup be different, the board gets moved and flipped as the game progresses.

The game play occurs when a player gets one of three mission cards. These cards define what will happen that turn. Green cards indicate a personal challenge. Red cards indicate a challenge that goes to the highest bidder. For both the green and red cards, the challenge might be something like "things that make noise" or "things in space".

The third card, blue, is a free for all challenge. When the card is flipped over, all players try to be the first to find the same picture on the board and yell "PICTUREKA!"

This game is a fast-paced seek and find game that really was a lot of fun for all of us (even when you don't succeed at your challenge). It is nice to find a game where we feel that we can ALL participate.

We would recommend this game to any family of game players as a family game or as a game just for kids (as long as one of them can read the challenge card).

OZG Kids' score: 8 points

OZG Grown-up score: 8 points

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