Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Sleeping Queens

Made by: Gamewright
Created by: Miranda Evarts (@ age 6)

Players: 2-5

Age recommendation: 8+

Sleeping Queens Rules: http://www.gamewright.com/gamewright/pdfs/Rules/SleepingQueens-RULES.pdf

Sleeping Queens is a game that combines a little bit of memory, queens, kings, knights, dragons, sleeping potions, magic wands, and MATH!

The box says 8 and up, but my 3 and 7 year olds love this game. My 3 year old needs help with the math portion of discarding cards (addition of numbers 1-9), but the rest of the gameplay is definitely not too complicated for him. Even with that said, my significant other and I still enjoyed the game.

The game requires very little set up and goes fairly quickly. The goal is to collect 5 queens (or enough queens to reach a certain value - depending on the number of players). You also need to defend your queens from sleeping potions and dragos.

I love the fact that even though some queens are "worth" more than others, my kids like to collect them based on which are their favorites. Here are some must-haves in our family:

OZG Kids' score: 9 points

OZG Grown-up score: 9 points

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